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On Backorder Status and Notifications when Product Quatity is Sufficient


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Hi there.


I am having several problems which may be linked.

The store (which is currently offline) sells one off individual items. So the product quantity is usually just one or sometimes two items.


First problem, when product quantity is set to 1. (This happens with every order.)

1. The customer adds the 1 item to the cart and checks out in the normal way.

2. The customer receives the order conformation email.

3. The customer also receives an email saying 'On Backorder' this order may be delayed.

4. In the back office the product quantity has gone down from 1 to 0 and the orders section shows the status as 'Payment accepted' and also 'On backorder (paid)'.

In the product settings in the back office, allow ordering of out-of-stock products is set to 'off'

Why is it setting the order status to 'On Backorder' and sending the notifications? The quantity was enough for the order.

The 'On Backorder' status can be manually updated in the back office after the order is placed, but, another email is sent to the customer, telling them of the update and they get confused with all the status change emails.


Second problem, when and item is sold.

The 'Add to cart' button should be hidden when an item is sold. But it is still visible, but disabled, with 'There are not enough products in stock'

I need the 'Add to cart' button to be invisible when product quantity reaches 0.

In the product settings in the back office, allow ordering of out-of-stock products is set to 'off'


So when the allow ordering of out-of-stock products is set to 'off' and the cart is hidden (not just disabled) when a product is unavailable does not work.

I think both these problems are possibly a bug.

Can anyone help?

Thank you

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