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hookCreateAccountForm position


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I use hookCreateAccountForm to add a field to the user registration form, just like that

public function hookCreateAccountForm ()
			return $this->display(__FILE__, 'myfield.tpl');

Obviously, this adds the field at the end.

Now, I was wondering if there is a way to change the position within the form:
for example, since mine is a B2B, it would be comfortable in "Company and VAT" block or immediately under the email field.
Is there a way to hook it elsewhere?


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Or alternatively I see that it also exists hook additionalCustomerFormFields but I can not find any practical examples of how I could use it for my purpose.

Does anyone have an example for me?


Note: I want to point out that this version of Prestashop does not override the customerformatter class, so which solutions to use as an alternative?

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I use this trick to insert my field exactly where I want:

public function hookAdditionalCustomerFormFields($params)
        // your new field
        $rpps_field = (new FormField)
            //->setRequired(true) //Uncomment to set it mandatory
            ->setLabel($this->l('Label for the new field'));
		// insert the field into other fields, I choose to put it after teh birthday date
        $params['fields'] = $this->array_insert_after($params['fields'], 'birthday', ['rpps_id'=>$rpps_field]);
        // return empty array because the new field already added with current fields
        return [];

    function array_insert_after( array $array, $key, array $new ) {
        $keys = array_keys( $array );
        $index = array_search( $key, $keys );
        $pos = false === $index ? count( $array ) : $index + 1;
        return array_merge( array_slice( $array, 0, $pos ), $new, array_slice( $array, $pos ) );


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