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Must products be in the PS inventory to be added via web service API

Webmestre avivia

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I have tried the webservice to create an order via the API from outside PS, and it works.

But so far, it seems that I can only create orders with products that are already in Prestashop.

I’m wondering how it would be possible to create an order using the webservice, but with products that are in another system.

One solution would probably to define all these products in Prestashop then synch them somehow with the products in the other store.

Maybe the other store could pull the products list from the PS shop and use these products to create its order. The downside to this is that I’ll need to define thousands of products in my PS shop, that will only be available for this external system, and will fill my store products with products not sold in that shop.

Another possibility would be to create the products as the invoice is created, like we create users on the fly if they don’t exist in PS. That will also fill my PS shop with extra products, but much less so, and only with products that have been bought.

Another possibility would be that the Webservice API can somehow add products in an order, even though they aren’t defined in the PS shop, maybe there’s a “Use only Prestashop products in orders creation” option I need to set to Off instead in there somewhere?

What would be the best way to go? I’m open to all suggestions at this point.


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