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Don't know if I'm in the right place to post this...
I have a problem in the backoffice of one of my clients : I can't delete languages on the 'Localization' page.

Prestashop version is
When I try to delete a language (any of them, enabled or disabled) I get this error :
"You cannot delete the language currently in use. Please select a different language."

I found where the problem comes from :
- When deleting a language, Prestashop calls the "AdminLanguages" controller, with query string parameters "id_lang=X" and "deletelang". This is normal.
- But I noticed that when using the "id_lang=X" parameter in the query string, the specified language "X" becomes the active language in the BO.
(For example, if I try to delete the Spanish language, I will get the error message, but part of my BO (menu and some other texts) will show in Spanish)
- So, if "id_lang=X" makes X the active language, I'll never be able to delete it... :-)

Did any of you already have this problem ? Or is it normal (I doubt it) ?
I can reproduce this behavior on any BO page : if I add "id_lang=X", the active language changes.
I tested with another prestashop installation that I have (version, the "id_lang=X" query string parameter doesn't change anything to the active BO language...

Can you help me please ?

Thank you very much,
Best regards,

AD-DEV - Arnaud Dohogne


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Hello, I have the same issue.

Did you solve it?


Let me know.




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