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Cannot override product Controller


Hello everyone,


I want to overrite the ProductController.php


According the doc : http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/Controllers+within+PrestaShop#ControllerswithinPrestaShop-Overridingacontroller

I'm created the ProductController.php in override/controllers/front/


class ProductController extends ProductControllerCore
     * Assign template vars related to page content.
     * @see FrontController::initContent()
    public function initContent()
		//some code


When i'm tested this code, the behavior has not changed...


Please, help me :(

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Did you clear cache?

Also, try with syntax:

public static function priceCalculation(...)
	$price = parent::priceCalculation(...);

	// do something
	return self::$_prices[$cache_id];


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