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Auto population of state dropdown and name stopped working


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Hi all,

one problem solved, another found.

When the customer log in and should provide their addresses I encounter two strange behaviours;

Firstly: authentication.tpl gives me without any reason (error reporting turned off) the contents of the state array and prints it on top of the site:

countries[2] = new Array(); countries[2]['131'] = 'a'; countries[2]['130'] = 'b'; countries[2]['126'] = 'c'; countries[2]['133'] = 'd'; countries[2]['134'] = 'e'; countries[2]['132'] = 'f'; countries[2]['128'] = 'g'; countries[2]['129'] = 'h'; countries[2]['127'] = 'i'; countries[2].sort(); 

but it doesn't display the appropriate dropdown in the address block;

Secondly when I enter a name in the name block, it only syncs part of it to the address block (first two characters)

Anybody any ideas?

Cheers, Chris

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the above mentionned array content is shown INSTEAD of the dropdown selector; I tried to remove the corresponding html-fields and the array was gone as well; so if I got it right ... the data is there, it is correct but for some reason it does not go into the dropdown

any ideas?

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