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images - thumbnail, small, middle, large, etc


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images - thumbnail, small, middle, large, etc
If I want to insert, manually each one of them,
what do I need to do?

I tried. insert one image and generate the rest automatically.
But, the automatically generated ones are not in the good ways to be used for the shop.
(do it once and use it all) not working for my shop.

So, I chose the pull down, manually -
How is it supposed to be worked? What I found is the number of the image has been changed, differently.
It was ok for large but not ok for small.

I wish there is a some kind of area showing for users to choose manual or automatic,
and then in case manual, each size of images(small, thickbox, large, etc) has the
item just like attachments in this panel, for each images to be upload manually. No confusion -

small ----( choose file ) (no file chosen)
middle ----( choose file ) (no file chosen)
large ----( choose file ) (no file chosen)

If anybody can help, please more than welcome - How can I manually set each image
without affecting others. I like the images such as 23-1-large.jpg, 22-1-small.jpg,
but, I cannot use like this due to different numbers. It chose the latest number for all sets.

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