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Automatic weight fee calculation


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All carriers on my country use a range a starting range at a fixed price (e.g. 0-2kg costs $10), and every extra 1kg costs a fixed amount added to the starting price.

Prestashop's should allow for the user to enter the starting range (e.g. 0-2kg costs $20), and the price for every weight increment (e.g. every additional 0.5kg costs $2).

Please, can help me with a temporal fixing? Are somebody encountered how to calculate shipping by weight by innitial an additional kilo?

I imagine that adding two columns on ps_zone table on mysql: First column with prices of first kilo, and the second with adittional kilo. Then edit cart.php…

I only need to manage one, the default carrier.

I will appreciate very much is anybody can help me with PHP code idea.

Thanks to all!

By lilianateran on 15 Nov 2010 at 16:37 (UTC+1)

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