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[Solved]how to show the list of the products not in featured?


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Back office, I have subcategories: bestItem, mustHaveItem, DontMissItem.
with all data in all. Just like featured. But, not in the featured category -
with the fixed number of item 35 items are in each subcategory.

I want to show the products in these three subcategories of Home, (the
Homepage(?) -- center of index.php area -)

I think using the featured block, but without the code inside,
three loops for the category items? Might do - but, if the experts can
delineate the detail codeline, it would be really appreciated.

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I have found it (homeproducts module), although it can only shows one category of products in homepage
(=frontpage, =main page)
I think the limit(only one category item can be shown) surely can be overcome using while loop(pseudo code)
outside only the situation if user don't mind using the same css for display purpose.

I will try to figure out for this. Hopefully before the end of this year?

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