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Image.jpg or PDF = FunctionOf(productorder,orders left)


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I'm new at prestashop. I have seen that a lot of things can be done by changing the source code :) but I've been all day (HONESTLY, ALL DAY :gulp: ) looking around and I didn't find a solution for this:

I want to send a personalized pdf for each order when it has been paid. I would like to add an image for each product that the customer bought. For example, if I have 300 products, I will generate 300 different images with different codes (like a different coupon code for each product), each image will have a name like "/product_A/item001.jpg".

I've been inspecting a bit and when the "payment received" status is changed, the customer receives an email which brings him to the "history.php". There if he clicks on the PDF button a pdf is generated by "pdf-invoice-php".

Another solution would be sending an email with the coupon images bought.
How should prestashop be changed so that I can manage my images :question: ¿?

Thanks a lot in advance! :-)

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Maybe an easier solution would be just by adding the image directly in the e-mail.

I would like to know were the variables {firstname}, {lastname}, etc are defined and payment.html uses to send the e-mail, so I could try to do it on my own...
I would create a variable {tempdir} to store the next direction of the image I want to send.

If someone could tell me if thats easy or it takes a lot of work... Or if someone knows someone or some company that would do that even if it's paying...

How much should they charge me for this?

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Ok I found an interesting e-mail template that can help me a lot. I changed the payment accepted status so that it sends the email template "order_conf" which has a lot of information.


It doesn't fill all the fields
PLEASEE ANYONE¿?¿?¿? I'm sure it is not so difficult...

Here is part of it that works:
"Hello Albert Garcia, thank you for shopping with ShopName.
Order details
Order: #000003 placed on {date} "

Here is some part that doesn't work:
"Payment: {payment}
Reference Product Unit price Quantity Total price
{products} {discounts}
Products {total_products}
Discounts {total_discounts}
Gift-wrapping {total_wrapping}
Shipping {total_shipping}
Total paid 7 875,01 €

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