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how can i delete it?? help me

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Heya is it just a plain white rectangle?? I would try adding
#center_column .product_block{
Height:(desired height)px;
Mainly because as standard it is set to auto which means for example the site i am currently creating has r/o images so i have to specify a height so even with less blocks in the side columns it stays the same otherwise the product_block gets cut off automatically but what you may find is that you have height:(higher height then you would like so make is a bit smaller); otherwise try adding what i wrote above if it doesnt work let me know and i will explain my other idea. hope this helps :D

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Heya, Had a proper look today the problem does not lie in your CSS as i could not find anything in there. BUT i found the issue

height:2256px; <-- Height is huge LOL

Which i think you changed in your homefeature.tpl for example
{assign var='liHeight' value=2256}

Let me know if you cant find it in there hope this helps :)

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good job..!thank you so much ^^
can you help me move current and flag to left I have change to left but i cant
look my code

/* block top currencies */
#header #currencies_block_top {
   margin: 0.4em 0.5em 0 0;
   float: left;
#header #currencies_block_top ul{
   float: left;
   height: 1.5em;
#header #currencies_block_top ul li{
#header #currencies_block_top ul li a{
   border:#595a5e 1px solid;
   width: 1em;
   height: 1.5em;
   padding: 0 0.5em;
#header #currencies_block_top ul li a:hover{
   border: #7C8187 1px solid;
   color: black;
#header #currencies_block_top p{ clear: left; }


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