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Evgeny Oleinikov

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Hello! Can you help me, please! I add to my wishlist next button with code 

<a class="exclusive button ajax_add_to_cart_button add-to-cart-in-wl" href="{$link->getPageLink('cart', true, NULL, "qty={$product.quantity|intval}&amp;id_product={$product.id_product|intval}&amp;add")|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" data-id-attribute="{$product.id_product_attribute}" data-id-product="{$product.id_product|intval}" data-minimal_quantity="{$product.quantity|intval}" title="{l s='Add to cart' mod='blockwishlist'}"><span>{l s='Add to cart' mod='blockwishlist'}</span></a>

And change values in ajax-cart.js file.

$(document).off('click', '.ajax_add_to_cart_button').on('click', '.ajax_add_to_cart_button', function(e){
var idProduct =  parseInt($(this).data('id-product'));
var idProductAttribute =  parseInt($(this).data('id-product-attribute'));
var minimalQuantity =  parseInt($(this).data('minimal_quantity'));
if ($(this).is('.add-to-cart-in-wl')) {
quan = $(this).closest('.product_infos').find('.wishlist_product_detail input.form-control').val();
if (quan != minimalQuantity)
minimalQuantity = quan;
if (!minimalQuantity)
minimalQuantity = 1;
if ($(this).prop('disabled') != 'disabled')
ajaxCart.add(idProduct, idProductAttribute, false, this, minimalQuantity);

Quantities are added correctly to cart but combinations are added stock always. Not those in wishlist. 


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