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How to save the links which connect to product and cms page from cms front page in cms admin panel?


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Hello, I need your help for this.

I like to add two buttons in CMS page.

One is the link for product and another is the link for the page of CMS.

I added two fields for the product link and the cms link in Admin of cms.

But the system can’t save those two values after I inputted two IDs of product and cms.

I designed to add  ID of the product or the CMS page instead of the link.  

Probably I missed the code a lot, so please help me…

I attached the screenshot of front and admin including the added code.

Earnestly I want to get the support of two problems:

   First:  the solution that the system can save the values of two new fields.

Second: I created new functions to get the ID value of new fields from the data base. Where are these functions supposed to be called from?







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