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Carrier Size Limit on Cart


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Hello I need a little help with a problem I have with the carrier options on the cart when the size is getting the limit.


Well the firs problem is when in the cart I have 2 o more items that need a different Carrier for the restriction in set to choose the expensive one for all ones, the system generate 2 invoices o more depends on the items requested. How I can fix this and get a single freight charge for all the items choosing the most expensive.


The second issue is a little be more complex because I need to use the Size limit for the carrier options and no the weight, this means when the FedEx need package send with them in regular basic shipping the get a limit Size and this size is a calculation about the W x D x H and the called "GIRTH" this calculation I ready made for all my items out from Prestashop and in Prestashop I include this field to be restricted and is working on almost 90% of the situations except on the Combinations.


Sample: If i have a item with multiple combinations and the combination be over the GIRTH limit I can sen by FedEx and I need to send by Freight, well the case that combination impact is not working for the limit on the carrier as is working with the weight, the limit is on with single items but no with a combinations items impact on GIRTH, I will show you some image to look it at the problem.



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