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change orderline backend order 1.7 -SOLVED-


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I try to change de product list of a order.

I supposed I have to change it in theme/default/controllers/orders/_product_line.tpl

But the change is not showing, force compilation is on and cache is off...

Is this correct?

Where can I find documention where to edit certain admin themes?

Please helpe me a bit going

Thank you

--- EDIT---



this is the file which set all thing up...

around 916 the order content table builds up:

<table class="table" id="orderProducts">

Her you can change the headers...

I wanted a seperate column just before quantity with the reference number, for cutting and pasting into excel.

This is way easier then a seperate export in my opion.

Then I had to change _product_line.tpl

just where I wanted the reference number.

The hard thing is... I could not find documentation, which file does wich...  but now I find out.

It start with the controller/helper/view/ and then look vor the view.tpl, this is your starting point.

Thank u for reading.

Just editing this post so maybe future users can have fun with it.

If I want to do this correctly, I should make some override view file.

Maybe next time ;)


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