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PrestaShop 2018 release schedule

The Ge

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Articolul asta detaliaza ce planuiesc cei de la PrestaShop in privinta codului. Calendarul (poza lor, forumul lor, m-am gandit ca nu-s probleme de copyright) este atasat la mesaj.

Pentru cei care nu sunt la curent, versiunea 1.6 a intrat in "maintenance mode" din noiembrie 2016, adica numai bugfixuri pana in octombrie 2018, cand va fi abandonata complet.

Se pare ca traducerile incorecte nu sunt considerate buguri, asa ca nu va mai exista vreo actualizare a traducerilor in PrestaShop 1.6, indiferent de activitatea noastra de pe Crowdin. Citez:

Eu: "[...] The translations I'm getting by updating translations in the back end of version 1.6 stores are more than 6 months old. What can we do to refresh translations for PrestaShop 1.6? [...]"

PrestaShop Translation Manager: "[...] thanks for the feedback. We do not update the 1.6 strings catalog anymore since this version won't be maintained anymore. For now, we bring small improvements regularly but that's all. [...]"

Se pare ca pentru cei de la PrestaShop "has entered maintenance mode" este echivalent "won't be maintained anymore".

Oh well...


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