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How to filter (not sort) products within a category or subcategory ?


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Hi, I am looking for something like this :

I would like to FILTER the products listed within categories by brand names (manufacturers).

Sounds simple but I think this is something nobody wants to address.

Of course, there are a multitude of filters available here and there in the forum !
If you look at them, (I tried them) they are as simple as the bluesheets of a particle accelerator ! :coolhmm:

I do not need to filter prices from 12,15 $ to 17,42 $ !!!!!!!!!

Who does that when shopping ? Kids purchasing sweets with the change they didn't give back to their mother ! ;-P

Let's be serious and let's address this basic filtering ! This is an absolutely necessary feature ! If Prestashop really wants to play in the garden with the "big boys" ! Can you imagine that : 40.000 shops are using Prestashop and their customers cannot even filter products of the same brand !

The world outside is full of brands, even hypermarkets create their own. Major marketing investments focus on brand names ...

:roll: Should I learn programming in two or three languages to prevent my customers from buying unassorted things ?

Should we create brand categories in which we have to nest the product categories ?!!! Are we prestashop builders obliged to do so ? I cannot believe it !

I only wish to be positive with the marvelous work done by this community.
Just more focus on the core things ?....

Hope some [spam-filter] will try to help us with a simple piece of code... or just an advice if it is simple or not...
A dropdown similar to the "sort-by"-dropdown could make the job !

Thanks in advance !

v 1.2.5


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