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shannon bramlington

Adding Custom Text after price Keeps Breaking SIte

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                                  I have an issue that keeps  breaking the whole site. Here's what I did and what's happening:

  • I changed my theme and went back to the boot strap theme.
  • Now the custom code that worked on the old theme breaks the site.
  • I put this code into the product.list.tpl file, line 78. Maybe in the wrong spot?


What I need:

  • I'm trying to get text after the price so that non logged in customers see the text after the price asking the customer to log in to see wholesale prices.
  • Then I need this text to disappear once the customer has logged in.
  • I need the text to show on both the category pages and product pages of all products. 
  • To make sure I am using the right file, and am putting it in the right line. <span> or div in front? Unsure.


This is the old code that worked before that will not work in the boot strap theme. It was located in the product.list.tpl file.


                            {if !$logged}
                            <p class="price_info">Retail Price</p>
                            <p class="price_info">To see discounted pricing, <a href="{$content_dir}authentication?back=my-account">login</a> or click <a href="{$content_dir}content/2-become-a-wholesale-or-non-profit-customer">here</a>.</p>





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