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[HELP] Product Attribute Combination


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Hi all, I really need help for create a "custom" combination of product.

Here is the idea, the product would be contact lenses, and this product have attributes of Power (power 0 until power -10)
I'd like to add this power as an attribute into shop, so I add this attributes (Power) as product combination. I can use Product Combination Generator or by adding it one by one.

But the problem is at Front Office, I really need to separate this power as two options, as Power Left (for left lens) and Power right (for right lens). If I really create power left & power right at BO at Attributes and Group section, then it would generate so huge combination in the database and BO. I really avoid this. I know most of us having this problem.

So how to create only one attribute in BO (only Power attribute at Combination Product page), but make it appear as two option of attribute in FO (Power Left & Power Right), and also make it appear at Cart Summary and consistent in calculating product attribute quantity??

by having this option as I called "product combination special", I still need the original version of Product Combination. So there would be options to user, whether they want to use original combination for other product, or combination special for lens product.

If someone there having the idea to solve this problem, please reply me. I don't mind doing some coding, I just don't have the idea how to solve it. Thank you ;-)

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