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Quantity discount for single product (???)


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I would need to set a discount based on the quantity of the selected product ( 5+ pieces 5%, 10+ pieces = 10%) only for a group of customers.

The discount must relate to the individual item (not categories or total order quantity).


Art1 - 5 pieces - € 100 (5% discount applies, then € 95)
Art2 - 2 pieces - 12 €
Art3 - 10 pieces - € 500 (10% discount applies, then € 450)
TOT = 95 + 12 + 450 = € 557

Among the many tests, the best I found was to go to the Price Tab of the individual product and add a specific price. So for a quantity of 5 or more (only for a certain group of customers), a 5% discount on the product is applied. Now, when I update the amount in the shopping cart, the thing works.

The problem is that in doing so I should set the discount for each product card (more than 1000) :blink:

Is not there a simpler way to implement this discount? Through the Price Rules or some specific form?

Thanks in the meantime to anyone who wants to give me some advice ;)

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