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Products and Menu override


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Hey everyone, I'll to start by saying that I'm new to Prestashop development. Just downloaded the dev branch

So here is my problem. I'm currently working on a project that will allow me to replace the products being displayed in the shop (that are being fetched from Prestashop database) and get the products from my ERP API. Same thing goes for the menus.

I know that some of you might be thinking; "Well why won't you just create a connector and update the Prestashop db with your own ERP data? Well that's not really an option. The articles, prices and menus depend on the client. Different permissions allow you to have a different prices. Example: "Client A" buys "item1" for 1 euro "Client B" buys "item1" for 0.8 euro.

I've read the "override module" pages and I have an idea on how to attack this problem.
Here are the pages from where I got my information:
Overriding default behaviors
How To Override Modules In PrestaShop

My question is, have any of you ever built something alike in prestashop and can give me some pointers?  Do you have any good sources of information on this subject? Documentation? Is it possible with the 1.7 version (since the introduction of symfony)?

Thank you in advance

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At first sight, I would say you're facing a mega big project, a lot of testing and a lot of troubles. There are several tables to represent products in the Prestashop database. And these tables are linked to other tables such as categories and much more. Linking to an other database will just break the whole thing. Now, in PS 1.7 (I don't know the other versions) you can have different prices for different customer groups. Building connectors between your ERP database and PS seems to me a far better, secure option.

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