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Automatic reload page on filtered category page


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Hi all,

my goal is to create a list of links in the top menù to go to category page filtered by manufacturer.
At the moment I'm using:

getCategoryLink((int)$category['id_category'], null, null).'#/manufacturer-'.$manufacturer["name"]

I need that the page is exactly the category page to use the blocklayered module.

The problem is that the page reloads automatically removing filters from url. It happens the same thing using the url generated by the module blocklayered in the category page.

This is an example link generated by the module: http://localhost/man/14-shoes#/manufacturer-manufacturer_test (same created by getCategoryLink() )

This is where it redirects: http://localhost/man/14-shoes#

Debugging I understand that the problem come from the blocklayered module.

I was wondering if anyone else had already encountered with this problem and maybe fixed it.


Thanks in advance.


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