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Template in module not working

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Hello, I'm working on a module with similar subscription field like 'Newsletter subscription' from Prestashop devs... (ps_emailsubscription module).

Based on it I've changed logic on form submit for email and actually copied whole ps_emailsubcription.tpl into my module. Problem is that with my that copied .tpl it's not working. It lacks styles from .css, logic is corrupted as its not returning on itself after submit...


public function renderWidget($hookName = NULL, array $configuration = [])
    $this->smarty->assign($this->getWidgetVariables($hookName, $configuration));

    return $this->fetch('module:ccmodule/views/templates/hook/ccmodule.tpl');

public function getWidgetVariables($hookName = NULL, array $configuration = [])
    $variables = [];

    $variables['value']      = Tools::getValue('email', '');
    $variables['msg']        = '';
    $variables['conditions'] = Configuration::get('NW_CONDITIONS', $this->context->language->id);

    if (Tools::isSubmit('submitNewsletter')) {
        if ($this->error) {
            $variables['msg']      = $this->error;
            $variables['nw_error'] = TRUE;
        } else if ($this->valid) {
            $variables['msg']      = $this->valid;
            $variables['nw_error'] = FALSE;

    return $variables;


Theres a code for it... the thing is, that when I write to fetch('module:ps_emailsubscription/views/templates/hook/ps_emailsubscrition.tpl'); everything is working as it should be. Dose anyone knows what I might be missing for that .tpl to get working?

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Hi Gestrona!


I'm kind of having a similar issue with this module. 

The template is only rendered properly when I'm fetching a different file:



    return $this->fetch('module:ccmodule/views/templates/hook/ccmodule.tpl');


    return $this->fetch('module:ccmodule/views/templates/hook/ccmodule1.tpl');


I hope this helps somehow for your problem.

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