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Problem with product image popup on mobile


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Hello PS fans,

I have a problem with product image gallery popup, from some time on mobile it seems to have a wrong size and position ( too big). It apear on chrome and can be simulated on desktop's chrome mobile views. The wired thing is that this problem is noticeable only in some products. 

I'm quite shure that this is an JS issue but can't localiuze it.

Any help welcome.


Wrong product - https://1001mebli.pl/swieczki-i-swieczniki/237-swiecznik-adwentowy-bozonarodzeniowy-nr-200.html

Right product - https://1001mebli.pl/zestawy-wypoczynkowe/366-amsterdam-l-zestaw-mebli-ogrodowych-z-technorattanu-meble-ogrodowe-rattanowe-nr-335.html



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