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Supply order reference (use from id_supply_order)


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Can anyone support me in trying to change the "Reference" in supplier order (Adv. stock management) so the ID will be set automatically?

So instead of having to write a reference, the field either picks up the next available ID from the table 'id_supply_order' or put a order reference similar to the one in customer orders. 

I am hoping that somebody out there can help me with this :)

I am guessing, that this is the part, that has to be changed in AdminSupplyOrdersController:

                        'type' => 'ID',
                        'label' => $this->l('Reference'),
                        'name' => 'reference',
                        'required' => true,
                        'hint' => $this->l('The reference number for your order.'),

And in someway needs to be similar to the part from classes/order/Order.php:

		$context = Context::getContext();
		$reference = $context->cart->id.'';
		return str_pad($reference, 7, '0', STR_PAD_LEFT);

My order reference has been changed to show numbers instead of letters. That is why it looks like it does. 


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