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get Breadcrumbs text in admin module


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I have a module that add custom message in product front page. I one information to personnalize the message with the product category. I can retreive easily the default category but I need the full path written on the breadcrumbs because the product is in sub category.

Breadcrumbs function (function getBreadcrumbsLinks) can be found in productcontroller (I am in version PS 1.7). I am new in php develipment and I dont know know how I can use this function to retrieve the path in my module function :

public function hookDisplayProductExtraContent($params) {
  global $cookie;
  $return = "";
  $id_product = (int)(Tools::getValue('id_product'));
  $iso_code = language::getIsoById( (int)$cookie->id_lang );
  $product = new Product($id_product);
  $category = $product->getDefaultCategory();

This line return an error :

Can you help me please.






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