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I have to override the ordercontroller to filter the products that are online only (used for another purpose).


I manage first to select the country of the client (needed to do the filter) but I cannot list the products.

My code is :


public function postProcess()
  $address =new Address($this -> context -> cart ->id_address_delivery, $this->context->language->id);
  // =0 si pas address
  $idCountry =(int)$address->id_country;
  if($idCountry !=3 && $idCountry  !=0) {
   //Check cart for online_only products
   $products= ($this->cart_presenter->present($this->context->cart));
   foreach ($products as $p) {
       $id_product =$p['id_product'];
The last line report an error : Trying to get property of non-object
I can dump $products but I cannot retreive fields in it.
I am newbie in php, can anyone help me for this.


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I have to say first that I am in Prestashop 1.7.

I have found a part of the solution geting the values of the cart but unfortunately the online_only field is not in.


To get this field I need to retrieve all the fields from product with the id_product in the cart.

I use this code :

$product = new Product((int)Tools::getValue($product_ids[$x]));

where $product_ids[$x] is the id_product for each product.


But the $product is filled with initial value, null for the name, etc...


How can I retreinve the values of product ?


Thanks in advance for help.


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