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Prestashop 1.7 Questions


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Hello Everyone,


First of all, if Sorry if I am posting to the wrong category. Request to the moderator to move this question to correct category.


Yesterday I had installed Prestashop 1.7 on my test server to test. I am having below queries regarding Prestashop 1.7. Would be grateful if someone can help me.


1. How to remove the Quantity Option form the Website. I am selling Virtual Product and i do not require Quantity Option enabled on my product page.


I even want to move the Add to Cart Button on the left side align to Price or Product Name.



2. The image is not appearing in my Social Media Sharing Option. How to Resolve it? ( Please See the above Image)

3. How to add Adsense code on the left side of the category page. I want to show Adsense code on the left side where Left Side Layout is enabled.



Thanks in advance




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