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Affiliate Tracking Code problem


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I have a problem. Prestashop 1.7.2
In the OrderConfirmationControllerr.php file
I finished writing the code: 
            'HOOK_ORDER_CONFIRMATION' => $this->displayOrderConfirmation($order),
            'HOOK_PAYMENT_RETURN' => $this->displayPaymentReturn($order),
             'order' => $presentedOrder,
    'id_order' => $this->id_order,
            'total_paid' => $order->total_paid, 
            'register_form' => $register_form,
      //   Conversion Tracking Code
$order = new Order((int)($this->id_order));
$order_products = $order->getProductsDetail();
$order_products_ids = '';
if (is_array($order_products)) {
 foreach ($order_products as $product) {
 $order_products_ids .= $product['product_id'] . '|';
 $order_products_ids = substr($order_products_ids, 0, -1);
'<img src="http://inistrack.net/d/ti.php?trackerid=6522&valueCart=' . $order->total_paid . 
 '&leadId=' . $order->id . ' width="0" height="0" alt=""" />'); 
// Conversion Tracking Code
In the order-confrimation.tpl file I finished writing the code:
Idendyfikator : {$id_order}
kwota : {$total_paid}
<script type='text/javascript'>
var valueCart = '{literal}{$order->total_paid}{/literal}';
var leadId = '{literal}{$order->id}{/literal}';
<script type='text/javascript'>{literal}
var OA_p = (location.protocol=='https:'?'https://inistrack.net/d/tjs.php:http://inistrack.net/d/tjs.php');
var OA_r=Math.floor(Math.random()*999999);
document.write ("<" + "script language='JavaScript' ");
document.write ("type='text/javascript' src='"+OA_p);
document.write ("?trackerid=6522&append=0&r="+OA_r+"'><" + "\/script>");
</script><noscript><div id='m3_tracker_6522' style='position: absolute; left: 0px; top: 0px; visibility: hidden;'><img src='http://inistrack.net/d/ti.php?trackerid=6522&valueCart={$order->total_paid}&leadId={$order->id}&cb=%%RANDOM_NUMBER%%' width='0' height='0' alt='' /></div></noscript>{/literal}
I am attaching the screen.
Perhaps does somebody of you know?
I am calling for help :|
Nice day



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