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Rebuild entire index doesn't work

itzik glam

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hey. i am working on website that sales files (download products) i added alot of products but Suddenly when i am adding product i get this message:

   [0] => Column 'id_word' cannot be null
   [1] => Array
           [0] => (211,(SELECT id_word FROM ps_search_word WHERE word = 'אבנרהמכ�' AND id_lang = 5 LIMIT 1),1)



i tryed the "Rebuild entire index" and the "Add missing products to index" in the admin "search" Tag but i get this message again and the problem is still there

someone can help me please what is the problem?


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probably out of my depth.. but i had errors with product import that resulted in the '?' symbol you have at the end of your string.. the symbol was caused because i wasnt importing in UTF-8 encoding. The feature in the prestashop import that says convert to UTF-8 convert doesnt work for me, I have to do it manually in php with utf8_encode(file.txt), or just save your file using a notepad program that can reencode the file.. after that it worked.

the symbol seems to appear when MYSQL encounters special characters that it cant deal with because of their encoding.

I've no idea whether this would resolve you problem with the search index, i've only seen it on products.

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to explain more fully, the error occurred in product description when i imported a csv. the product would import fine except that the description would be cut off where ever the encoding problem was encountered. I eventually noticed that if i manually copied the description into the 'add product' page in the back office it worked fine, but the import failed every time.

There was no documentation on this, i was just lucky i stumbled onto the problem.. before i figured it out the encoding was the last thing on my list to check since i assumed that the prestashop import tool was doing it correctly already.

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