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Favicon front office problem


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I know the Favicon issue has been asked to death, as I prefer to search before posting here, but I cannot for the life of me figure out the Favicon.  I'm updating my shop from 1.4 to, nearly everything else is working at the moment - a couple more bugs to fix.


But for some reason I cannot get the Favicon to show up in my front office.  I have tried to install it through Preferences->Themes and then uploading it through the theme.  For the first couple days it didn't work at all.  Now it shows up in my back office tabs but still not front office.

I looked through tons of questions about favicon in the forum, and many suggested deleting and reuploading through FTP, which I also tried to no avail.

What can I do to get this to work finally?

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Hi! My shop is currently in maintenance mode, if you really think you can help, I can whitelist if looking at the shop really helps.  Or let me know if there is some code you need to see?

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I understand.  I have cleared cache via the back office and on my browsers and it didn't help.

Is there an easier way?  In the old PrestaShop, I would clean the cache in tools->smarty->compile, but it's no longer there, so I clear through the back office.  This is the only thing which cache didn't clear up.

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There is not a simple answer... because the main question is WHICH favicon are you looking for? The browsers handle the icons very differently. It makes difference if you use Edge, Firefox, mobile Safari and so on. I have managed to have all with the exception of the iOS deivces where the icon does not work for safari favorites.


Spoken for prestashop only, I have also noticed the favicon shown from the backend is placed at some different path than the one from the front office. These are my files for different operating systems and browsers for the front office.


As mentionned - my setup does not work for apple devices when storing the icons to the safari favorites bookmarks. There I get the "?" prestashop question mark image like a product image not found. It works however when storing the link to the home screen.

There are many favicon generators out in the web. Look for one and make it easier.

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Hi there, in the end after reading dozens and dozens and dozens of threads, I finally stumbled upon the answer.  In my shop's database was a listing for a favicon jpg.  I deleted this entry and voila!

Thanks for replies!  Store is now ready to launch!

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