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Product Update For Multishop using API


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Using the API to update product descriptions when using Multi-shops fails to update all shops.


Looking in the database table "ps_product_lang" you will see a that each product's line is duplicated, one line for each shop created in the system. Currently updating the product description via the API only updates the first shops description for that product, leaving all other lines as is.


I have tried changing the products default shop and updating again, this has no effect, only the product line with shop id = 1 updates.


To remedy this, once the product for shop ID = 1 has been updated via the API, the user must go to the product in the back office and resave it (in "All Shops" mode)  this then applies the default description (which is loaded into the product description on the UX) to all the other shops.


A Bug report relevant to this error can be found here: http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-6787


Would be good to have a fix on this soon as it makes the API a lot less effective for multi-shops.


If I have missed something and it is in fact possible to update I would appreciate the feedback.

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