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I'm new with prestashop, so a bit lost and trying to develop/change it a bit for my proposals. 


Well, the fact is: when customer wants to buy a product, I just need


  1. to send him a PDF by email with a proforma invoice, and how to make the payment, and
  2. send to myself an email with customer and this sale info.

Then, all is done out of the web. The customer and seller can just talk and send money outside of the web by transference (transference info should be in the PDF).


For what I'm seeing at first sight it seems I should touch blockchart module, isn't it?


Maybe I should create a new module based on this instead?


Thanks in advance for your comments.




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I don't see the question in your post. Default behavior of prestashop is to choose a product, put it into a cart and proceed with registration

- customer data

- address

- choose carrier

- choose a payment method

- confirm order


The proforma invoice can be generated automatically at any order step or you can perform this step manually. Adding bank data might need a change to the invoice.tpl file which is the template for invoices. If i have missed something please explain with more details.

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