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Problem with multilanguage/multistore SEO


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Hello People!

I am having trouble underestanding the multistore/multilanguage SEO.


My problem is: I have a multistore setup, but its on the same domain. The reason for this is that we want to separate the people taking care about the translations and management of the different countries and customers. 


The URL structure is:

($cc = countrycode)



For example, the czech site is www.cz.sitename.com, however, a few site has 2 languages on it. For example, there are URLS like:

www.cc.sitename.com/en or www.cc.sitename.com/es. This method is only on the main site where the EN language is enabled.


Im not sure, how can I tell google that these sites has to be ranked differently. Hreflang? Sitemap?

If I understand correctly, these URL-s are different:







Do I put the sitemapes to these URL-s, or redirect all of these to one URL like https://www.sitename.com/en and put the sitemaps there?


I know, these are lot of questions, but I just simply dont understand, what is the best way to separate these sites.


I hope you can give me a few advices! Thank you!

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