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Bulk import with images and long description

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Hello guys and sorry for my english. I will do my best.

Please help me with this, I can`t find a solution.

I have a feed (link) from my distributor with all products, prices, description, images, and so on.

This feed is in XML so my first step was to open excel and drag & drop that XML files.

Now, I have tables with all information from that XML into excel.

All great, except one column (see below image)



As you can see <PRODUCT_CARD> have a link that goes to a page where I can find all Technical Specification. Each product have a different link. This is an example


MY PROBLEM 1: How to get Technical Specification content from above example and insert it into long description in prestashop? I can do it manually but i have 1000+ products... OR: Is there another way to do what I want?


MY PROBLEM 2: I also have link to images in this feed as you can see. So.. what is the correct way to import all images?


Thank you!




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I don't see the technical specifications you mentionned.


Bit if this data comes from an external web page, first maybe load products without the long text.

Then just write a script which fetches this data by retrieving one product after the other.


If you'd use PHP, file_get_contents or curl would be the commands of your choice.

Curl is more flexible, file_get_contents is easier for the 1st try. Both commands do the same thing within PHP.

They fetch a full page from a specified ressource like https://example.com/product1.html


We have done this for several projects. But it's not doable within an hour or so.

Consider, this way you might not only get the technical data but the full html page.

So probably you need then to strip your HTML content into text only content.

Or just take a well formatted snipplet of the HTML content.


Most likely, you need to run also updates after a certain time since prices or specifications might change.

Or check, if there is an existing module which might have this functionality.

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And one more hint:

If you wan't a fully automated solution with also works for later udates, don't use CSV at all.

Because then you would have to recreate the CSV every time to want to reload or update products.

In this scenario, you would use the prestashop built-in PHP functionality provided in classes which allow to create products, assign images to them etc.

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I solve it talking with a programmer.

And yes, he made me a PHP script that retreive the data in html format and then I can import all "product specification" in "long description" automatically

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