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[solved] I need help loading a php script on my product page


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I integrated some 'ask info on product' module on the product page (placed it on extra right hook), and now i'm trying to put capcha in the form. Problem is, the php that generates the capcha isn't working when i'm on http://5com.ro/product.php?id_product=255 but the script is valid since it works on the 'ask info' module page http://5com.ro/modules/cereoferta/cereoferta-form.php?id_product=255 .

In my module .tpl i have this:


<input type="text" name="staf_skey" style="width: 50px;" maxlength="5" />
<input type="hidden" name="staf_rnd" value="{$staf_rnd}">
<style="font-size:11px"><strong>{l s='Retype the 5 digit key' mod='cereoferta'}.

But $staf_rnd and $staf_codelen don't get sent to the server when i'm not in /modules, so it doesn't create any image. Where should i register those variables?

Edit: I had to assign them in product.php

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