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Change color of the social media buttons 1.7


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Hello all!

I wanted to change the color of the hover-social-media buttons on the productpage. Is it right to change the *.svg-files in \themes\classic\assets\css?


I changed the color of the images, but after uploading, clearing cache and refreshing stil the old colors are shown.


Is there something I do wrong?


Many thanks in advance for your advice!





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Hi there,

I know it's an old topic but I just tried to achieve the same, surprised that the module itself doesn't seem to allow change of image and/or colour from back-office.

- I found the icon in assets/css folder of classic theme but I reckon solution offered by @Bas_1981 won't stay if PrestaShop is updated

- Solution offered by @prestashop amateur is updating the circle background colour but not the social icon itself

- I tried to copy the SVG file in mychild-theme/assets/css and updated colour* but I reckon the dynamic path is still getting the image from classic theme and not the child one

- So last, I copied-pasted the same part of code in custom.css hoping it will first get the image from child-theme/assets/css, it works ✌️

.facebook.icon-gray:hover {
  background-image: url(../css/8b05d51ede908907d65695558974d86f.svg);


* You can update SVG colour by opening it and changing the value of the attribute fill in the path tag.

<path fill="#2fb5d2" d="M22.2,27.2v-7.2h2c1.5,0,2,0,2-0.1c0-0.1,0.1-1,0.2-2.1c0.1-1.1,0.2-2.2,0.2-2.4l0-0.4l-2.2,0l-2.2,0


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