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Paypal Official - Please help


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I'm based in the EU. 


Paypal official won't let me configurate the module because  I set up in prestashop an US store address  (address from my dropshipping supplier for the returns).


Error Message:  "Your country is not available for this module please go on Prestashop addons to see the different possibilities"



However, I want to use the paypal official module and NOT the paypal US module.


What I tried:

Changed the store address to my EU address. Didn't solve the issue.

Deleted and installed again the module after the address change -> Didn't solve the issue.



What am I missing?

Please help!


Prestashop 1.6.x

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Next, you will find that Login with PayPal doesn't work, no solution.  Express Checkout (ignores shipping, gets lost if cart contents are altered).  All up, one of the better payment gateways for Prestashop...  Make sure to test all variant's of customer use, and that amounts paid match invoices, that taxes are included etc.

Standard Paypal checkout seems to work, forget about guest, express etc.

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