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Documentation for 1.7 webservices


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I'm trying to add products and images via the webservice in 1.7 but there is no documentation.


In WebserviceSpecificManagementImages.php (line 218, PS it seems like I should post images to a URL formatted like this:

images/product/[1,+]/bin ("product_bin")  (N-4)


Where the int is the product id.

(but that doesn't seem to be the case)


On line 251 it says "ok" before the GET but on the following line, where it says POST, there is no "ok". Does that mean it's not ready for use yet? If so, is there a timeline for when the webservice will be working?


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Also, when adding a new product (with price, title, quantity in stock, reference, default category, indexed, visibility, active) it doesn't show up in Catalog -> Products (nor in the frontend).


If I go to it manually by changing the URL to the new product id and click on "Save", it works!


After adding a product, do I have to call something to index the product?

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