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Send mail automatically, after X days from a order.


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Hi guys, 


i want to send an email at my client when it has bought on my website after 6 days.


I have create this query:

SELECT ps_orders.id_order, ps_orders.id_customer, ps_customer.email, ps_orders.date_addFROM ps_orders
INNER JOIN ps_customer
ON ps_customer.id_customer=ps_orders.id_customer
WHERE DATE(ps_orders.date_add) <= DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), INTERVAL 6 DAY) AND ps_orders.current_state = 5 
ORDER BY `ps_orders`.`date_add`  ASC LIMIT 0, 100000
This results, shows all orders from X to 6 days ago that they are in the current_state = 5, like SHIPPED.
How can I configure a CRON job that send in automatic the same mail for all this result?
Can you help me?
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