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Registration redirect of inactive user


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I overrided customer class to set user inactive after registration but i want to redirect to some cms page with message.


I found solutions  to authcontrolller but they do not work - after registration i am redirected to main page of login or account creation beside the fact i changed redirects in authcontroller.


Is this because of user is not logged in so the tools: redirect is not working?

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i think i found solution. You dont need to change anything in authcontroller but  change the code in FrontController.php of ps1.6

if (isset($_GET['logout']) || ($this->context->customer->logged && Customer::isBanned($this->context->customer->id)))
so it will redirect to the page with message "the customer is still not activated by the admin"
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You can do this by first logging out the customer and then redirecting him to the required cms page.








<!-- @page { margin: 2cm } pre.cjk { font-family: "Droid Sans Fallback", monospace } p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120% } -->

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