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Online store for car spare parts

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I am new in Prestashop and I have a problem.

I am trying to make a website where I can sell car tyres, bateries etc.


Atm I am stuck at the tyres. I noticed that in the catalog you have 2 options : attributes and characteristics.


I don;t know for example where to put the specifications of a tyre like diameter, width and height.


If there's someone who know this, please be kind and help.


Thank you !!!

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Lets take as example a dress.

Dress can be S, M, L sizes blue and red colors.

You make them as attributes, because one client can buy S and blue, another L and red, the third L and blue and so on.

This is one way how to look at attributes.


Another way. Lets say you have candy box. It has sizes 6, 12, 18. 

You make sizes as attributes and make that the price increases depending on the attribute.

So if size is 6 the price increase is 0. If size is 12 price +5$. If size is 18 price +10$.

I hope these examples help you to understand better attributes.

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