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Product page - Declination

Martin Fabre

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Hey, so today i've created my prestashop website...


I've bought a template ( foliage ) and so imported my products/declinaison on the back office.


Now i was wondering if it was normal that when i'm on the front office and i choose a product, then none of it's declination characteristic change, nothing changes ( price, ref, ean13 ), nothing !


( I've already checked few times, all the informations are on the back office and did the importation three times but nothing changes )


Looking for help  !

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So, i get thoses errors : 


csi.gstatic.com/csi?v=2&s=mapsapi3&v3v=28.8&action=apiboot2&e=10_1_0,10_2_0&rt=main.10:1 GET https://csi.gstatic.com/csi?v=2&s=mapsapi3&v3v=28.8&action=apiboot2&e=10_1_0,10_2_0&rt=main.10 net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT


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