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International SEO WIth PrestaShop MultiShop & Hrelangs?


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Hi looking to launch in a new market with PrestaShop MultiShop.


Currently, we have a .com.au domain which is geo-targeted to Australia (.com.au)

We want to launch in New Zealand (English, same language as Australia)


So we are going to have two ccTLD .com.au and .co.nz 


The new New Zealand site going to be an exact copy of the .com.au site, the content won’t change.



Do I still need to setup hreflang tags across both of the domains even though they are different ccTLDs?


Can i even add hrelang tags with  PrestaShop MultiShop?


I have seen sites like https://www.specsavers.com.au/ who has a duplicate .co.nz domain


Example the site ranks for: 1st for the keyword alex perry on google.com.au and google.co.nz with the exact same page (duplicate content):



Another example (different website)


Different website ranks for sunglasses guide with duplicate content on google.com.au and google.co.nz with the exact same page (duplicate content)





Both of these sites don’t have hreflang tags across NZ and AU, plus they are performing very well in both markets organic traffic, so based on this I’m assuming we don’t need to setup hreflang for different ccTLD?


Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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