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Memory limit problem or not?


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I have a question about an error that is sometimes occuring and is puzzling me: the index page of my website sometimes doesn´t show up, it just shows a blank page (in chrome it indicates a http error 500), while the other pages of the site are still available. It only happens to the index page. My hosting says it is due to the memory limit which is set to 128M and should be upgraded to 160M to solve the problem. But if that is the case, shouldn´t it happen to ALL webpages??

When I turn on the error reporting it gives me this error:
"Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 167772160 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 262184 bytes) in /hosting/www/vdnart.com/public/classes/cache/CacheApc.php on line 82"

Additional information:
site: www.vdnart.com

php.ini file has "memory_limit = 128M"
config.inc.php file has a line "ini_set('memory_limit','128M')
and memory limit on my hosting account is set to 128M
Prestashop version:

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The Support from your hosting is correct. Each page calls all the classes and functions that are needed for it to output the data that are set to it. So you still can see all the other pages running smoothly and the index crashing. Apart from increasing your memory limit I would advise you to check all the hooks that are called in your index page to see if you can remove any for better performance

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