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[DoesExist?] Module to have customer supervisor and his employees

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I have tried to ask google about that, but it is hard to explain in query that I want to have Customer Supervisor account user and his group of employees accounts.


Do you have any information about that kind of module?


in bit more detail, about what i need is.


User register (customer) that want to buy products on my prestashop

but he has also employees and all of them want to buy stuff from my prestashop


So I want to create his group of customers that he will be able to manage.

He will be able to check what other employees are ordering from my shop, and he will be able to order by himself stuff from my shop.

He is still only customer of my shop, but with bit more priviliges to check other shop customers that I will point to him.



Do you have any information if that module exists (paid or free)?

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I already build a similar module for one of my clients.

The employees from a company that is affiliate/subscribed  to your store can order products and suggest them them to there manager and the manager then can

decide to order those suggested employees product or not.


But customer(employees) products on cart will be joined as a single order...


I think it's clother to what I did a couples of moth ago.

I have the module maybe you can test it?

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thank you for your reply.


Seperated orders are crucial here.


Employees are working compleately seperately in seperated geographical areas with seperated delivery addresses.

Any way, I can adapt this module based on your needs.

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