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Bulk URL Rewrites for Internal Links


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Vekia, or another experienced Prestashop coder:


Is there a way to bulk rewrite redirecting internal link URLs and update them to direct links within a site's database code (SQL, cPanel??)?


For example - product a was previously at /home/paints/ceiling-paints/product-a.html by is now at /home/ceiling-paints/product-a.html - the Paints parent category having been removed from product URL paths.


Can I bulk rewrite all internal links from static content (absolute links) to this product URL and others in the same category move?


I have moved several sub-categories out of misleading parent categories, and I've about 200 internal links to products whose URL path I just need to rewrite - instances of /home/paints/ceiling-paints/* to /home/ceiling-paints/* and I'd like a time saving way to not manually have to chance all these internal links, and upcoming internal 301 redirects when I move further sub-categories out of parent categories.



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