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Performance new webshop very slow


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I recently started a webshop in prestashop. Everything works fine but the performance is very slow. I've enabled and tested everything on the performance tab. I've enabled smarty cache CCC (except Smart Chache Javascript and HTML minifyer) and I am using APC caching. 

First time loading sometimes takes about 10 seconds to load which is very annoying. I've got the best shared hosting at GoDaddy so I would expect the performance to be not this bad.


This is what the log says: 

Load Time 4637 ms - You'd better run your shop on a toaster Querying Time 23 ms Queries 54 Memory Peak Usage 63.9 Mb Included Files 235 files - 4.52 Mb PrestaShop Cache 0.65 Mb Global vars 0.59 Mb   Time Cumulated Time Memory Usage Memory Peak Usage config 101 ms 101 ms 11.08 Mb 11.24 Mb __construct 0 ms 102 ms - Mb 11.24 Mb init 37 ms 138 ms 3.92 Mb 15.13 Mb checkAccess 0 ms 138 ms - Mb 15.13 Mb setMedia 3 ms 141 ms 0.24 Mb 15.36 Mb postProcess 0 ms 141 ms - Mb 15.36 Mb initHeader 0 ms 142 ms 0.01 Mb 15.36 Mb initContent 2107 ms 2248 ms 42.25 Mb 57.86 Mb initFooter 5 ms 2253 ms 0.09 Mb 57.86 Mb display 2384 ms 4637 ms 4.95 Mb 6


Hook Time Memory Usage hookHeader 1964 ms 31.00 Mb => spthemeconfigurator 1947 ms 30.50 Mb

Has anybody got an advice for me? This would be appreciated. 

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