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Bug: endless turning save button


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Hey guys, 


I have a big problem with the save button(keeps spinning(the usual problem)), I have done most of the solutions provided by this kind community, from checking PHP version, to new install, to changing buttons and standard code of functions. 


Yet nothing seems to work for me, are there any new breakthroughs against this problem. If so, please share this with me. 


I do get this Javascript error in Edge, not in Chrome: 



In Chrome I have an error related to the TinyMCE script: 



Everytime I fix something, a new thing appears. So the satisfaction only last a moment. 


Can anyone help me out. Would be much appreciated! 



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It seems to me that this is a problem which many people are having, including myself. Nothing ever seems to be done to fix it. Endless hours are wasted trying to figure out a fix. Many threads are started and then sit, like this one, with no response whatsoever for months. I think it's a complete waste of time and I'm on the cusp of moving on.

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