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Hi Every,
I Need help :
I use a webservice for my products (simply to display the quantity)
It's works with the product reference.
So I created a function in FrontController.php in override like this:


class FrontController extends FrontControllerCore {
public function initHeader(){
$clienttest = new SoapClient('webservice.awws?wsdl');
$reftest = $this->product->reference;
$paramstest = array('codeart'=>$reftest);
$responsetest = $clienttest->__soapCall('quantite', array($paramstest));

foreach($responsetest as $valeurtest) {
self::$smarty->assign('testtest', $valeurtest);

return parent::initHeader();

It's good to display $valeurtest in product.tpl but not in product-list.tpl, it would actually be to retrieve the reference of the product of product-list.tpl to include it in my function. Someone would have any idea ?

Thank you :)

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